05 February 2015

Matthew Carver

drew my attention today to the little note that Lossius provides on the hymn for the Purification, Quod Chorus, on stanza two:

Haec Deum caeli Dominumque terrae
virgo concepit peperitque virgo,
atque post partum meruit manere

The meruit has this little note attached:

Meruit, id est, Consecuta est per Dei gratiam, seu apta et idonea facta est, qua significatione veteres scriptores saepe utuntur hoc verbo.

Sigh. Lossius was the standard Cantionale of the era and it shows the manner in which Lutherans freely appropriated the liturgical treasures of the preceding centuries. 

Them were the days, lads. Them were the days.

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