07 February 2015

What a great day!

Woke up early (for a Saturday!) and got some breakfast going. Cindi and I enjoyed some sausage, eggs, and taters with a pot of coffee. Prayers. Then a good workout. Walked for 1/2 hour at 10% incline at 4 miles per hour. Then sprints on the bike for a fifteen minutes.

Cindi and I headed to Edwardsville and she joined the iPhone 6 generation. David called while we were at the store, and wanted some help with his tree. I helped him load up three truckfulls of branches and drive them up to a friend's house for burning. So great to visit and talk with him. I don't get to see the lad nearly enough.

Cindi, meanwhile, was helping Bekah with painting the apartment she's planning on moving into. I was thinking we might NOT get our walk in together, but Cindi arrived home about quarter to four and we headed out and got another half hour's walk in (she'd gotten one in earlier in the day also). It was beautiful out, and still just above sixty.

Still working on getting her phone set up. Always a bit of a challenge to detangle her sub account from my own account. 

Since I got the new specs have been wearing them most every day. Today I went out with the contacts and was happy that it worked well. Still not as crisp as with the glasses. And when it comes to working on the iPhone or even the iPad mini, the glasses simply are the way to go. And after wearing the contacts for the better part of the day, when I switched to the glasses for the walk with Cindi, it was a delight to see everything so clearly again. 

Tonight Cin is heading off to bowl, Bek working on her place, and I'll enjoy some quiet time at home finishing up Martin's latest. 

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