22 June 2015

Blown away

I was utterly blown away by receiving this at the Making the Case Conference in Collinsville this past weekend:

I am humbled beyond words to be in the company of such men as Dr. Feuerhahn and Pr. Klem Preus. And I want to THANK Issues, Etc. for providing an ongoing catechetical forum and for allowing me to teach on the subjects of liturgy and hymnody which are so dear to me. Today marks the 29th anniversary of my ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry. It's been an overwhelming blessing to me to share the joy of Christ's forgiveness in preaching and prayer and song. 

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Michael G said...

Congratulations Pr. Weedon! Enjoy learning from you on Issues, Etc.
(BTW: Shouldn't that read: "The third annual"?)