08 June 2015

Logitech, welcome back!

After I got my first iPad, I saw the keyboard that a friend of Dean's had and fell in love with it. A logitech. I got one and it worked well. Then when I bought a mini, I ended up buying the keyboard to go with it from logitech. It took a bit of getting used to, but soon I was flying along on it. Small keys ended up being no problem at all. Probably helps that I have small fingers!

But alas, a drop or three and it would no longer hold my iPad mini upright. I had to get rid of it. A couple months ago I tried out a couple different options, and ended up taking one of them back (the Zagg, it always typed double letters) and bought a cheaper model. It worked okay for a while. And then IT started the double letter thingy. I tossed it and have been using the keyboard on the screen, which I really, really do not like.

Today Cindi surprised me with an early father's day gift: A NEW LOGITECH! YEAH!!! I've been typing up a storm since she gave it to me. It is really the very best little keyboard. And I'm going to try really hard NOT to drop this one...

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