27 November 2015

My mom's home place...

...the front part of the house was built by mom's grandfather, "Daddy Jim," and my grandfather was born here in 1885. The middle part of the house dates back to colonial days and was the miller's house on the Field plantation (Daddy Jim's mom was Catherine Anne Field). The rear of the house was done when I was a teen, replacing a similar one-and-a-half -story section that had stood there when I was a child. Aunt Emma always had goodies baking in the wood cook stove; her light rolls were amazing and her pies of all sorts simply legendary. We'd always come here to gather running pine and cedar and holly branches to decorate our home in Maryland during Christmas. They flourish in the woods to the right of this picture. After mom's funeral, we went back here for the wake; I think it was 21 years ago tomorrow. And, yes, though there was a bathroom added (you can see if just off the back porch), old habits die hard. I still remember regular use of chamber pots, because who would walk downstairs to use the facilities in the middle of the night?

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