05 December 2015

Eve of St. Nicholas' Day

In my old German Bible from CPH, the day of Nicholas the Bishop is provided with an epistle from 2 Corinthians 1:7–9. The Gospel is Luke 12:35–40. The beautiful prayer in Treasury asks that as God bestowed upon His servant Nicholas of Myra the perpetual gift of charity, so He may give His church grace to deal in love and generosity with children and all who are poor and distressed and to plead the cause of those who have no helper. This beautiful ikon of the saint was a gift many years ago from the Jeff Schwarz family:

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Trent said...

Nice to see that the icon includes the Theotokos holding her white "Veil of Protection" (Agia Skepi) across her arms - showing us of her intercessions for St. Nicholas before her Son.