28 December 2015

The Monsoon

Well, it started on St. Stephen's Day and it lasted until the sunset of Holy Innocents: a rain like I don't ever remember experiencing in my life. Cindi tells me all told in those three days we topped 10 inches of rain. We battled water in the basement. We had a power loss. We wet-vacced more than I care to remember. Buckets dumped. Dehumidifier dumped. A week ago we had our sump replaced, thanks be to God! It (and the battery backup) got us through this mess. We've got two fans running nonstop and the dehumidifier still going, hoping to stave off any infestation of mold or mildew. I've doused the carpet in Lysol. Whew. The cortisol level equals about three rounds of sprints, I'd say. Not exactly the peaceful vacation I had planned, but what is, is.

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