03 January 2016

The end of a monster vacation

I had saved up a lot of vacation time this year and ended up taking it all. So I was basically off from the evening of December 11 through today, January 3. I told Cindi that it was definitely too much. I need to space it better. I loved the extra time for workouts and lazy mornings together, drinking our coffee and planning the rest of the day, but I definitely began itching for doing work after a week or two. I did not open the work computer, though, the entire vacation; I tried to avoid a lot of email and electronic communication (not always possible); and forced myself to do other things. Although I've not deactivated my FB (I've done that in the past), I did decide to pull it off my devices. Yes, it's great to keep up with family. No, I don't need to get worked up over arguments in a forum that simply doesn't work well for discussion. Also yanked several sensational news sources from my browser and even my link to ALPB forum. I want to start the new year as best I can with a whole lot LESS so called "social media" and a whole lot more time with family and friends. I'm not making any new year's resolutions, but I am going to give it a shot.

So I hope to do a bit more writing on Ye olde Blog. 

Here are some of the photos from the holy days (they were wonderful, as always, at St. Paul's):

Black-eyed Peas for New Year!
Pictures from the kids for Christmas, hung by David.

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