17 January 2016

One of the peculariaties

Of the Lutheran liturgical calendar is the observance of Transfiguration at the end of Epiphany. AND there's a subset of Lutheran congregations for whom that observation fell today, following the historic lectionary and thus making room for three Sunday's of preLent. Ours belongs to the subset! Transfiguration has long been one of my favorite feasts and today was a worthy celebration indeed.

The St. Paul Lutheran Choir served as cantors today, singing a number of pieces and leading the Introit, Gradual and Alleluia Verse. John Thoelke's trumpet sounded forth on a number of pieces. The hymn of the day ("O Wondrous Type") with that lovely English tune is a perennial favorite. The farewell to alleluia ("Alleluia, Song of Gladness") concluded today's liturgy. Pastor preached a fabulous homily, reflecting mostly on the Father's words: "Listen to Him." I still recall Pastor Plvan telling me that a sermon for Transfiguration that didn't focus on "Listen to Him" was missing the point of the day! Pr. Ball did NOT miss it. 

Thank you, Father, for this joyous Feast to brighten the dreariness of winter. The warmth of the Divine Love that shines in the face of Christ drives the chill from all hearts that will but "listen to Him."

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Mimi said...

Oh, interesting. Thank you. Happy Feast