21 January 2016

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

The Christian man knows his weakness. He cannot help being afflicted in his conscience and being disturbed by a wavering faith.—Martin Luther, on Isaiah 51:23

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Unknown said...

This is a wonderful sentiment. I wish it would have made it into the Book of Concord. Apparently, the teaching of homiletics in our seminaries today insists on condemning the listeners anew in every sermon, and then proclaiming the soothing Gospel, as if we need to be converted continually. Taking these words of Luther to heart recognizes the fact that God wrote His Torah on our hearts. Therefore we are not entirely devoid of the recognition of our own sinfulness.
No, I don’t believe the Law should never be preached to Christians. But it should not be done simply as a matter of principle, only to the extent that the text requires it.
Peace and Joy!
George A. Marquart