16 January 2016


For some reason Frank Coniglio was on my mind. Hadn't seen him in several years. Wondered where he was and how he was doing.

Frank and I graduated the same class from Concordia Seminary, but he'd already had a career in the Air Force. I checked the LCMS site and noted he was not listed and thought "oh no." Sure enough, found his obituary. He died last February out in Cheyenne, retired from the ministry and a member of Pr. Maas' congregation, where I had just been this fall. He was one of my favorite people from the first time I met him. We'd catch lunch together quite often. Always laughing! But my favorite memory of Frank?

I was very frustrated. I could NOT get the microfiisch machine to work at the library. Seeing Frank nearby I asked him: "Do you have the first clue why this won't work?" He gave me a very solemn look. "William, did you remember to check the O-N button." I said: "Frank I didn't even know there was an O-N button." With a completely serious face he walked over to the machine and flipped it on. Then he burst out laughing. Then solemn again: "William, never forget to check the status of the O-N button before you attempt to use the equipment." He told me later that military officers were famous for forgetting about the mysterious O-N button too!

Frank always brought us laughter and joy and every time I'd see him, he'd give me one of his big bear hugs. May he rest in peace!


George said...

My predecessor at my current congregation. Couldn't make his funeral because that same day my mother was hospitalized suddenly. He was a good guy.

William Weedon said...

George, I didn't know that! Small, small world.