21 September 2016

Joyous Day

Even though I woke this morning to a nearly flat right rear tire, the day was pure joy. First, the tire shop is literally about a block and half away. They were able to patch it and it cost all of $15. While I waited for the shop to open to drop off my car, I managed to write the sermon for tomorrow's chapels at LCEF and the International Center and prepped the notes for the radio shows. When the shop opened, I dropped off car and then headed into town and just about polished off the paper for the NY Conference this weekend, did Thy Strong Word (Exodus 9 with Pr. Eckstein) for KFUO, did day's workout (pushups, sprints and walking), headed back to Illinois to record a show for the Day of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, on Issues, Etc. (Issues is kindly featuring my book, Celebrating the Saints, as their book of the month currently). Then headed home, went down to pick up my car and pay, and then? And then had the most wonderful evening with the kids and grandkids. 

Dean was in town, attending the Symposium at Concordia Seminary, so Cindi got to babysit Flynn today, and also Lydia and Henry. Meanwhile she also threw together a veritable feast: garlic beef brisket in sauce, her delicious sweet potato casserole, some taters and (to me, the best of all), blazing hot jalapeƱo poppers topped with crunchy bacon, and the usual scads of fruits and berries "to fill in the corners" (as Bilbo might say it). All the family but Lauren, Sawyer and Annabelle (sadness!) were here for dinner: Andy and Bekah, David, Meaghan, Lydia, and Henry, Dean and Flynn, Opa, Cindi and I. Such a treat to see Dean and Flynn, and yes, my wife is wonder woman to pull off a feast like that WHILE babysitting three little ones. 

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