25 September 2016


So on the trip out to NYC, I was in a bit of dread. The D parkinglot had exactly six places open when I pulled in at 6:15 a.m. I thought: those lines inside are going to be unbelievable. Now, I do have TSA Pre, but I did not expect what I found. I literally walked straight through. Zero line. Zero waiting. And I was mega early.

Well, that was St. Louis. Playing things a bit safer at JFK, right? So Krauser drops me off at 1 on Sunday afternoon. Surely I'll have line today, I think. Wrong. Again, I literally walk straight through and didn't even bother unpacking my deodorant (which, of course, they don't notice), figuring, if they catch it, it'll not slow up a soul. So I strolled through, picked up my backpack, got myself a coffee and a banana and I thought: "Self, this is almost like flying used to be." Very nice indeed. Except now for the long wait for my flight!

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