06 July 2017

A Day Off

With absolutely nothing scheduled (at least for me). So, we got up and prayed our Treasury and enjoyed our fat coffee; Cindi headed out to work and I did a little email, then decided it was time for a workout. Got in the usual 200 pushups and added in 100 lunges and also decided on some sprints, and all wrapped around the morning's walk (already over 10K steps). 

Sprints is really why I'm writing this post. I usually do sprints by running, occasionally by burpees, and even more seldom by jumping rope. Today, I skipped. Skipped like I was a kid again. What a hoot. I was up on the bike trail and found that the skipping (focusing on high jumps with blended knees and soft landings) worked up the sweat faster than any other exercise I have ever tried. And besides: it's fun! I thought: the world would be a better place if we skipped more often. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but I think only the horse at the farm noticed. 

Got home and did some breathing exercises (thank you, Wim Hof). Remembered that I had to miss a dental appointment a few months back and decided to reschedule. They could take me within the hour. Unbelievable. Jumped into a cold shower, changed and headed up the road. Got home about 11:30 and Cindi and I enjoyed a wee bit of pool time. Still ahead today, some french press, some lesiurely reading, and (I hope!) some liverpool. 

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