03 July 2017

A Wonderful Weekend

We got to celebrate Dave's 80th birthday (anticipating by a couple weeks) on Saturday. Cindi's sisters, Deb and Dee, flew out on Friday and we THINK we surprised him. Saturday was an open house at our place and we had a good crowd of folks in and out. We were so busy with the party that I didn't even think about Sunday being the Feast of the Visitation (One Year) and so what joy to get to sing all those great hymns and hear Pr. Gleason give us the goods on the Visitation gospel. Ten of us sat down to breakfast after church and then we managed to squeeze in half a game of Liverpool before we had to get Deb and Dee back to the airport. It was so good to spend time with them and to celebrate Dave's 80th. Here are a few pics from the weekend (the pic with Dave and the wee ones shows his nine great grandchildren, including the one that is not yet born!):

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