04 September 2017

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Cindi and I had a really great Labor Day weekend. She had had some work done on her bike, and they called on Friday to let us know it was ready for pick up. Perfect. The goal this weekend was to be 100% free of using gasoline. We biked everywhere. Saturday, we went exploring a bit and biked in the morning, and spent the afternoon in the pool and reading, and then went for an evening ride too. We laughed a bit because I said: "Let's turn at Millie's and then ride up to Ray and Arline's." Well, neither Millie nor Ray and Arline have lived in those houses for a very long time, but that's still how we think of them! Also all day Saturday, I observed an internet fast. That was refreshing and highly recommended.

Sunday we got up a little early and rode our bikes up to St. Paul's. I was cantor at early and once again we were blessed by outstanding organ music (I love it when we get Bach!) and a comforting homily by Pr. Ball. During Bible Class we found out for certain that Dean had announced to his beloved St. Paul's that he was taking the new calls up to Wisconsin. We came home and fixed our usual brunch, though it was a smaller crowd than usual. Opa and the David Weedon family joined us. Lois was away with her sister and Bekah and Andy were up in Minneapolis. After brunch, we began a 24 hour water only fast. We enjoyed some pool time, read, and I went for another walk. 

Monday, still into the water only fast, we got up a bit late, said prayers, and immediately hit the trail. This time we took Staunton Road down to the Nickel Plate Trail, and headed toward Alhambra. We only made it up to Marine Road, before it was time to turn back, but it was a great ride. See the pics below. Came home and vacuumed the pool and then took a snooze floating on the water. At 1 p.m. the 24 hour fast was over and we celebrated with some bullet-proof coffee. David and Meaghan arrived with the kids, then. David and Lydia enjoyed some pool time with Nana while Henry toddled around inside amusing Meaghan and his grandpa. Then the kids went down for naps and we got in a real game of Liverpool. Amazing. We got through the whole game, and the very, very pregnant momma ended up the winner for the day. Then it was time for the feast. Steaks on the grill (David has turned into quite the chef, like his mom!) and hotdogs (for us weirdos who prefer hotdogs to steak); leftover curried chicken; a delicious cucumber and tomato salad with feta and dill; fresh fruit (thanks, Opa) and Meaghan brought a delicious coconut-date-almond thingy that we devoured.

Then we noticed the storm rolling in. The David Weedons headed home and Opa too. We brought in the Lemon Tree and stacked up the chairs, and did it ever blow and pour! Cindi says it has topped 3 inches. Definitely still feeling tired from the long ride and the extensive time in the sun today; bedtime will be early. But thanks be to God for just a great and relaxing weekend. 

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Nancy said...

Good for both of you for a healthy and internet free weekend!