21 September 2017

What a day!

Heard as I was leaving for work that grand-baby #7 was preparing to make his entrance into the world. Got to meet him this afternoon. His parents still have not decided on exactly what he will be named (or should I say, the order of his names). [Update: His name is Oliver James Weedon]

But also at work learned of the tragic death of co-worker's nephew... saw the Ruesch family, missionaries who had just been evacuated from Puerto Rico... And the sad news that continues to roll out of Mexico. Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.

As ever in life, the joys and sorrows mingle and yet we confess that joy will have the final word. "There'll be joy in the morning on that day!"


Nancy said...

A sweet baby! Neither one of you look old enough to be grandparents!

William Weedon said...

Nancy, HA! We both feel old enough some days. I can’t believe that we have been blessed with seven so far, and our youngest (married, God willing, next May) hasn’t even begun!!!