20 January 2019

A different kind of number, or Rise, Peter, Kill and Eat

So Cin and I were wondering how fast we could power through Vitality (a supposed health program that our work insurance pushes, with financial incentives). I don’t remember for sure when we reached Platinum last year, but this year, it took all of 20 days. We ploughed through the assessments and the online learning, worked out every day, set our goals, submitted Bible studies, and did our health screenings.

The real irony is that we categorically dispute almost ALL the dietary advice the folks behind this program try to give. In my opinion, it’s nothing but a prescription for staying overweight munching on franken foods and ending up dependent upon big pharma. Think the hullabaloo about the latest Lancet EAT stuff and you’re pretty much right there.

In contrast, I’d invite anyone interested in results and not theory to check out: www.meatheals.com and start reading. Read about ordinary folk taking their health into their own hands and changing it remarkably for the better. Read about this, that, and the other problem ended up being resolved, including situations that the medicos called “chronic.” All without your daily dose of veg or fruit, nuts or grain!

So why do we bother with Vitality, then? Well, I did mention the financial incentives. It pays. Not much, but something. And I think Cindi and I have about $200 plus sitting as Amazon gift cards just waiting to be needed, now that we reached Platinum after some 20 days. It was a fun race to the end. Wonder what we’ll end up doing for an encore?

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