18 January 2019

Numbers, numbers, numbers

I'm not a big believer in numbers. I go far more by how my body actually feels and functions. But I did get the blood work done after six months of carnivorious eating. Here are the numbers for this 58 year old bod:

Blood Pressure: 113/75 (Optimal)
BMI 21.12 (Ideal)
Waist/height: .48  (Healthy)
Percentage bodyfat: 8.4 (from the InBody Test at work)

Blood work

"Bad news"
Total Cholesterol: 274 HIGH

Conflicting with:

"Good news"
Trig: 80 (solidly healthy)
Chol/HDL: 2.9 (Highly desireable) 
HDL: 94 (Optimal)

Fasting Glucose: 86 (Optimal)

What does all this mean?

Quest kindly provides a nice little note on how the Chol/HDL ratio is what really matters and how that actually offsets high LDL or high total; and triglycerides being solidly inline indicate that the body is handling any fat delivery just fine, thank you very much. 

So am I the least bit worried about a high LDL? Nope. Not in the least. There are ZERO statins in this lad's future. That theory has been debunked utterly and completely. What is fun is that having listened to David Feldman describe his triglyceride experiment, I did the same thing. I waited what must have been nearly 17 hours since food was last consumed AND I worked out (hard!) fasted just before the blood draw. Last time I had the test done, I had buttered coffee in the morning before the blood draw and sure enough, trigs were up at 111. If you want to get the best trig number, be sure and fast a minimum of 12 hours! Forget that "9-12" make it "12-16" hours.

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