30 July 2021

July Workout Summary

This month brought 4,400 pushups; 528 pull ups; and 528 kettle bell swings (45 lbs.). When I think of my poor mother-in-law, confined at the last to a wheel chair; or my own mom’s life-long struggle with walking due to polio, I never want to take movement and strength for granted. So, thank you, Lord, for the gift of motion and the ability to lift and carry! Thank you, for the awesome feeling when one is done a workout! Thank you for benefits of disciplining the flesh and forcing it to do what it would rather not do, and the little ways that prepares us to do Your will in greater matters! And most of all, thank you for the time this affords to listen to your Word! (Sometime this month started at the beginning again and today I’m somewhere in Deuteronomy 4.) 

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