11 February 2024

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

A good thought for holy Lent, whose arrival is so soon:

“The one who knows that the enemy stands before the gates and straightway lets him enter the city; the one who has been warned of the descending steps of sin but does not heed the warning; the one who knows what is the armor of faith and has been clothed with it but does not use it to repel the evil spirits, mocks and despises the good gifts of the kingdom of God more than the heathen. The violent conflict with shame, dread, and hesitation that always rages in his heart before a Christian consents to sin, in contrast to the easy course of a ‘child of the world’ does not lessen the grievousness of that sin but makes it worse.”—Adolf K√∂berle, Quest for Holiness, p. 214, 215

I am thinking about rereading the entirety of the book again for Lent. His information on the spiritual battle is so sorely missing among us. 

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Kimberly Loomes said...

Good morning—I’m a Southern Baptist living on the North coast of Scotland and I listen to your ‘The Word of the Lord Endures Forever’ every morning. It truly is a Godsend (I learned about it from Pr Chris Rosbourough (sp?) I have tried to donate (was interested in your Lent devotional) but the site unfortunately wouldn’t accept international donations. A couple of days ago, my 21-year-old son asked about Lent, what it is and why people give something up during the 40 days. Do you have an on-line resource that could explain it all to us? Growing up at High Pointe Baptist Church in Cedar Hill, Texas, I don’t remember Lent as any thing more than a special recognition of the days leading to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Thank you in advance for your help, your ministry and may God richly bless you and yours! Thank you!