03 February 2024


This week Cindi and I went back to OMAD (one meal a day). What a difference it makes in our schedule! I find myself so much more relaxed not having to think about the extra meals (no prep, no clean up!) at breakfast and lunch. And if I eat my 1.5 to 2 lbs of meat at dinner, I don’t even think about food till dinner time the following day! Today’s feast was awesome. Cindi did up half a tenderloin she had found on sale.  I stirred up some alfredo while she was frying the meat. I have definitely decided that I prefer the alfredo on tenderloin to hollandaise. That was dinner: a plate of tenderloin and a bowl of alfredo to spread on top, and it was totally satisfying and majorly yummy. Then after dinner I grabbed myself a cup of decaf tea with a splash of raw milk as we engaged in that stupid game of Liverpool. You know who won. AGAIN. Lois and I wonder why we even play. But the tenderloin she made was so delicious that I almost didn’t mind her winning. Almost. 

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