10 April 2024

“Honey, this IS normal!”

That’s what my RUDE wife always tells me when I complain about a packed schedule, saying: “I just want to return to normal.” So last week we had some excitement with Dave winding up in the hospital for a couple days with chest pain. It turned out NOT to be a heart-attack, and we got him home on Thursday. Friday, we flew over to Denver where we met up with Lucy and Laura, and headed up to Estes Park for a wonderful few days together in the Word with Norene Linke’s wonderful Northern Colorado Women’s Retreat. And there I got my marching orders from Rosa! (Ha! See, I haven’t forgotten!). We got back to the Denver airport earlier than expected, and almost got on an earlier flight. The person manning the Southwest booth assured us we were on it, but… they finally told us they had room only for 1. Le sigh. Laura DID manage to get an earlier and direct flight to San Diego, but we went with the scheduled flight that left at nearly 7:45 p.m. We got home about 11:30 p.m. and then headed to bed. You see, the next day we were up early for Eclipse Day. Cindi’s aunt, her sister and her sister’s husband joined us for the trip out to the Herberts and we got to see the beauty of the eclipse surrounded by our nearest and dearest. Bekah and family had spent the night so were there when we arrived; David’s family went down to Jacob to watch. Then Tuesday was Annunciation and writing three podcasts and an Issues Show. The family will be leaving tomorrow morning and it’s been a wonderful time with them. Tomorrow will be three more podcasts to write, plus the sermon for the conference I’ll be attending this weekend. Such is life… A few pics: 

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