01 January 2006

Interesting article

Thanks to Fr. Larry Beane for directing this to my attention:



cheryl said...

that was really a breath of fresh air! I really couldn't gathered though, whether this was a protestant delegate to rome, or one of their own priests that was relaying this to the pope et al?

In my own experience, rome seems to teach that so long as we are baptized and do not die in a state of mortal sin, we can be assured of heaven. (although i do not agree at all with their concept of "mortal sin" esp. as it relates to "venial sin". But it does say to me, that they do not adhere to a works-righteousness mentality as many accuse them of). Now granted this is my own opinion derived from my personal experience alone as I said. The council of Trent seems to disagree and it's been very difficult to say the least to get most roman catholics to think outside of their progressive justification framework, enough for them to sufficiently address whether my conclusions above are correct or not. (No offense intended).

William Weedon said...

It was a Roman preacher, just doing the task of preaching on the texts assigned for that day.

cheryl said...

well isn't that something!

in witnessing so much division between roman catholics and their protestant counterparts, reading this just brings tears to my eyes. i love to see unity of this sort.