16 January 2006

Oh, I almost forgot!

Doing the happy dance again this morning. After 2 weeks on induction, weight had gone back from 167 to 155. Dr. Aktins, thanks be to God for your diet. Let the naysayers say nay all they want. My dr. tells me: "Whatever you're doing diet-wise, keep it up!" And I will.

Atkins really is an interesting discipline. You just learn a whole different way of eating, and as long as you stick to it (we've been doing it for five years!), it really works well. What does a typical Atkins day look like? This morning I fried up some sausage and served it up with an egg over medium for both Cindi and me. Cindi made a roasted turkey for lunch. We ate it with a low-carb gravy and a salad of fresh spinach, feta, and crumbled egg in an oil and vinegar dressing. Dinner was some of that turkey stir fried with veggies and fajita sauce, served over fresh salad greens and with a coconut-milk custard for dessert. The day finished up with a cube or three of Jarsburg cheese and sipping some charodonnay - the boxed variety. What's not to like about this way of eating, I ask you?

Of course it would be totally CADDY of me to mention that the men won at Pinochle on Sunday night AND on Friday night. So I won't mention it - but if any of you see Cindi or Crystal or Rachel, you sure can - right, Randy and Scott? : )


elaine p said...

Hey, I can think of lots of things not to like on this diet...like no bread, no pasta, no cake, no pie...you get the message...but congratulations on your success nonetheless!

William Weedon said...


Laughing out loud. I confess, I DO love bread. But you know, the low carb variety is pretty tasty. Just limit the amount to one slice per day. And what we've really found takes up the slack for the bread are the low-carb wraps. Yummy! And thanks for the congrats!

Anonymous said...

What do you do during Lent, if anything? Nothing but beans and nuts?

William Weedon said...

Ah, Lent. In the past, what I've done is restrict the first and second meals of the day of 1/4 of a meal each. Thus, just a piece of lo-carb bread for breakfast and maybe an egg for lunch. Then eat a regular meal after Vespers.

As for abstinence, following the Western rite, one abstains from meat during Lent on Ash Wednesday and every Friday and Saturday, but can eat it at other times. On those days, I tend to eat fish.

Favorite Apron said...

Would Cindy like to move to Ohio and be my personal chef?

William Weedon said...


At this point, she might jump at the opportunity. Don't tempt her! : )