25 January 2006

Long Day

Very tired tonight. The last two days I attended a pastoral conference, and I must confess that there are few things that tire me out nearly so much as sitting, listening, and thinking. Highlights: seeing, visiting and eating with friends, playing pinochle (though being beaten by Herb and Jim was NOT a highlight, was it Dave? And can Herb ever gloat. Geez. Glad I'm not like that... [dodging the lighting]), getting a hug from Michael and hearing his kind words, talking with Stu and Brian, visiting with all my former PALS pastors (though not long enough!), finding out Jenn is pregnant and getting some of her delicious salsa, seeing Lizzy and Lydia, hearing Kirk state so simply the missing piece to the puzzle that the good Dr. Rast was hunting around for, listening to the sound of a room full of Lutheran pastors belting out hymns and liturgy, getting a new book to read from Sister Sandy.

Also a great highlight: finding out that the brakes on the van were okay. Deo gratias!

Lighten our darkness...


FatherDMJ said...

It stinks getting whipped at Pinochle. You were a gracious partner.

What was the missing piece to the puzzle that Kirk so eloquently stated? I missed yesterday morning. Methinks I have a low-grade sinus infection so I journeyed home.

William Weedon said...

Kirk nailed the missing piece as "the bishop." Think about how that answers all the questions Rast was raising regarding altar and pulpit fellowship. Stephan correctly diagnosed the pathology, but prescribed the wrong treatment. You can't "make" them up. You ccan only receive them.