01 June 2006

Patristic Quote for the Day

And really, my brothers, when does a doctor ever seek or regard the will of his patients, inasmuch as one who is sick always desires and asks for the opposite treatment? This is why he administers and prescribes now iron, now fire, now bitter potions against their will, in order for them to be able to appreciate the cure when they are well, which they could not appreciate when ill. And if a man pays no heed to insults and disregards curses, in order to confer of his own accord life and health to those afflicted with diseases, how much more so does Christ the Physician with divine goodness draw to salvation those afflicted with diseases, that is, laboring under the madness of sins and offenses, even when they are unwilling and do not want it?

O, if only we were willing, my brothers, if only we all were willing to give our full attention to the paralysis of our minds! We would then discern that our soul was deprived of virtue and lying prostrate on a bed of vice; it would be clear to us how Christ each day both regards our damaged wills, and drags us and urges us on against our wills to remedies that can heal and save us.

- Homily #50, par. 4 (On the Paralytic), St. Peter Chyrsologus

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