10 June 2006

We're the Tops!

St. Louis's Race for the Cure, that is. This year's effort in behalf of fighting breast cancer was the largest such race in the whole U.S. of A. Participating this year, among many thousands, were three special people:

Cindi Weedon, Forrest Feicho, and Tanya Feicho (Pastors Feicho and Weedon did their part by cheering on from the sidelines!)

I thought about my sister (who finished treatments for breast cancer last year), our good friend Gail Cogswell (battling it right now), Jane Krauser (who died of it this past year), my Aunt Kitty (who died of it back in the 1980's), and Lois who has survived many years. God grant that today's efforts bring us much closer to a cure.


Fr. Shane Cota said...

My wife had breast cancer (and thankfully they could cut it out without chemo or radiation), so I can totally resonate with your concerns, and hope for a cure!

Fr. Cota

William Weedon said...

Fr. Cota,

Glad to hear that she didn't have to go through the chemo and radiation! Jo, my wife's mother, was in a similar situation - surgery was all it took. Most are not so blessed.

Pax Christi tecum!