24 June 2006


Here's a pic of Lauren and Dean. Dean's heading out to Alaska this week and we won't see him again till after school starts. Hope it's a great trip for him. Meanwhile, Lauren is headed back to Camp Wartburg. Given the nature of cellphones, I'm sure they'll be keeping in touch while apart.


Wartburg said...

Absolutely Love The LUTHER LOGO in The BackGround! My daughter painted me one and I have it well…right over there. Camp Wartburg? What and where is that? Camp Wartburg? That IS so COOL!

William Weedon said...

Sal, the Luther Seal is stained glass. Was given to me by a church I was a vacancy for in North Carolina years ago. The neat part is that much of the stained glass came from broken windows at the church - so it's like a piece of the church they gave me as a remembrance of our time together. Very kind.

Camp Wartburg is the name of our district's camp - yeah, I should have FIGURED you'd really like that name. : )