21 December 2009

Advent wends to its close...

...and the great Feast of our Lord's Nativity begins to shine before us. After Vespers today, there are only two more days for the Great O's and then we are upon the threshold of the Feast.

We have nothing to give You; we are not able in the least to repay You for rescuing us from the lost condition in which we found ourselves by nature and for setting us free from the bonds of death that held us fast. All these blessings came to us because Your Son became man. Your love has no equal - it passes all understanding! We can do nothing but humbly thank You, praise You, and magnify You. This is the only tribute by which our hearts can express their affection for You. And so, blessed be Your holy name for the manifestation to me of Your infinite love in sending Your Son into the world. Let this love urge me to love You in return with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength. Give me the ability to live according to Your will and to cling to You. Wean my heart from the love of the world, its vanities and sins, and kindle within me the flame of Your divine love, that I may always please You. Grant that I may increase in love and in knowledge of You, that I may abide in faith, and so worship You in spirit that I may taste even here and now in my heart Your sweetness, and may ever thirst for You. (Starck's Prayer Book, Advent Evening Prayer, p. 53)


christl242 said...

Beautiful prayer from Starck.

Which reminds me, I see the order of the morning and evening prayers in Starck's Prayer Book, but I'm not always sure which prayers refer specifically to "noon" -- could you clarify that for me Pastor Weedon? Thanks very much.


William Weedon said...


Blessed Nativity feast to you and yours!

I assume the prayer in the middle, the one with the longer exhortation, is intended for noon (or during the day).

christl242 said...

Aha, that makes sense, thanks Pastor Weedon, and a most Blessed Feast to you and your household as well!