20 February 2010

I *think* I'm totally sold...

...on the new way of running. Calves still are sore but much better today than yesterday (when I ran 3 miles on the fore-foot). Eager now to get a pair of Vibram Five-fingers to try out. Wish I had more time to run, but summer is just around the corner, right? It sure felt like it today, but, alas, no time to run at all. Eagerly looking forward to Monday's run. Also looking forward to the St. Louis Higher Things gathering tomorrow evening down at Drury near the Arch.


Philip Meyer said...

I have a pair and am loving them. Work up your mileage slowly until your muscles--foot, ankle, knee, and hip gain the strength necessary. One gets strange looks running in "gorilla shoes." Mine are black.

Paul said...

when you get to be my age, alas, feet and knees appreciate running only on the non stress machines or mini-trampoline in the basement:)

Tim Terhune said...

Pastor -

I had been running for 15 years and finally ended up hurting myself (tibial stress fracture). I too started to look into "evolution running" to avoid re-injuring myself. There is a video out there on "evolution running" - I rented it from the library. It's worth viewing. They describe why heel striking is not good for your body. The key is to shorten your stride. The latest issue of Runner's World discusses this.

Running with "normal" running shoes doesn't necessarily cause improper landing, but does allow one to get away with it. Running in minimalist shoes forces one to
NOT land on the heel. Before you jump into a pair of Vibram's take a look at either a pair of racing flats or something akin to the Nike Free's.

Good luck and happy running,

- Tim

William Weedon said...

Philip, good to hear! I saw a fellow running in them this a.m. at the Y.

Paul, you're not THAT much older than I am! ;)

Tim, thanks for the heads up. I look into it. But I still think I'm gonna go for the vibrams.