09 February 2010


Cin and I decided to hit the Y right about 10:30. I ran for four miles + and it felt fabulous. At two spots on the track there are big windows and the sunshine was pouring in, reflecting off the snow. Each time I ran by I felt energized. Come on sun!!!

This afternoon Fr. Steven Tibbetts from Peoria stopped in for a visit and dinner - on his way back from a local SST retreat. Was a joy to meet in person a man with whom I've corresponded for a number of years. Many fun stories. Cindi served us up a yummy meal of pulled beef barbecue, scalloped potatoes (not for us!), and coleslaw. Tasty indeed.

Turns out everything got cancelled tonight - bells and school board. So we have an unexpected evening at home. A surprise ending to a very nice day.


Scott said...

Did you find time for a game Gin or Rummy? So, you (Bill) could explain another loss at a Card game? Wow! I sounded harsh! You know, I did not mean it that way...

Father Robert Lyons said...

So I have to ask, in Illini usage, what does the term 'scalloped' mean with regards to potatoes?

Growing up with my grandmother (a Hoosier), scalloped potatoes were thinly sliced potatoes in a cream sauce flavored with butter, salt, and pepper.

Today, everyone I know thinks of scalloped potatoes as thinly sliced potatoes in a cheesy sauce with all manner of other stuff thrown in, which my grandmother always called Potatoes AuGrautin, and when I describe what I think of as scalloped potatoes, they look at me like I am an idiot.


Pastor Zip said...

Just noticed this entry. As I recollect, the thinly sliced potatoes were in a relatively plain cheese sauce. And Fr. Will and Cindy were such gracious hosts that I didn't even notice who was and wasn't eating them. Perhaps I should have taken another helping.