18 February 2010

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

O my Jesus, when my heart would mislead me into sin, I will remember the sufferings You endured and the blood You shed. When the world by its evil example would entice to follow its ways, I will place before my eyes Your bleeding image on the Mount of Olives, at the scourging, and on the cross. In the terror of my sins, I will flee to Your wounds. When my conscience fills me with fear, I will receive Your blood as my ransom. Yes, in my dying hour I desire to know nothing but You, O Jesus. Your holy name, O Jesus, shall be my last word. Your bleeding image, my last thought. Your last word from the cross, my last sight in death. With You I will say: “Father, into Your hand I commit my spirit.” In that last hour, Jesus, be my Comfort, my Joy, my Consolation, my Defense. Amen.-- Starck's Prayer Book, p. 79

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Anonymous said...

That's really beautiful. I had ordered a copy of the revised Starck's before it was released, but I had to cancel the order because of finances. I do have a copy of the old edition, though, so until I can afford the new edition, I can use the old and just substitute modern language for the "thee's and thou's.". (Yeah, I know how some people will take that last part.) :)

Just out of curiosity was anything in the old edition left out of the revised one, such as the prayers of "the woman in confinement" after giving birth?