17 August 2010

REMINDER: Special Wednesday Evening Bible Class

Our Wednesday evening Bible class, 7 p.m. August 18, will feature noted author and speaker Rev. Frederic W. Baue, pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church, Fairview Hights, Illinois. Rev. Baue holds a Ph.D. in English Literature, has written numerous books and articles, and is in demand as a public speaker. He will give an overview of his latest book, Creation: A Literary, Apologetic, and Doctrinal Approach.
Come and learn:
* How Darwin's use of language undermines his theory.
* Why theologians accept Darwin and reject the Bible.
* Why the Bible is right and Darwin is wrong.
* How the doctrine of Creation relates to many current issues.
Autographed copies will be available for purchase. Join us and bring a friend!

Dr. Baue is the author of that beloved hymn:  "What Is This Bread?"


J.G.F. said...

Wish I could be there! Fred has been a long-time friend (I met him when he was in PA). The topic is a good one, too. And hey, when it comes to "What Is This Bread", don't forget that his wife, Jean, wrote the music. We use their hymn a lot.

Steve said...

Fr. Weedon,
Do you have any information on where we can get his book? I just looked it up on Amazon and they have one copy for $60.



wrmyers said...

Steve, the link to a May 19 interview on issuesetc.org directed book buyers to contact the author via email at fbaue@sbcglobal.net to place an order. One of our college students who attended the creation presentation at the Nashville Higher Things conference was super excited to receive Pr Baue's book in the mail. BTW, the student is a science major at a public university in Florida and is very grateful for this book. I don't know the price but suspect it was well under the $60.00 Amazon price.