29 August 2010

Sunday's This and That

Matins, Bible Class and Divine Services are wrapped up, bulletin finished up and shipped off to Joanie for next Sunday, getting ready to meet with Zach to discuss the history of Lutheran liturgy from a musical perspective, Dave and Jo due over at around 3 for cards and dinner.  Yup, it's a winner of a day. And the triumph of St. John the Baptist, being Forerunner even in death, just makes the ordinary, mundane things of life that much sweeter.  St. John points to the one thing needful, and if you have HIM, the Lamb of God, then there's just joy over any little extras that you get to savor along the way.  John's life was like that.  It was free and joyful because HE was free and joyful being nothing but a testimony to His Lord. He didn't have to be a somebody.  He could grow less and less as Christ grew more and more.  And that's how he's the greatest of those born of women.  Did he say grace before he munched on the hoppers?  He could face the executioners sword without fear - he was free.  Death would never be the end of him.  You or me either.  So joy, overflowing joy in the big gifts and then joy also in the little ones that grace our way.  Even the hoppy kind!


HappyFox said...

Lol, sweet! Our extra joy today? Pastor Plvan! Our pastor and his family are on a much-needed mini vacation, so Pastor P. filled in for the day.


William Weedon said...

Oh! Now you were blessed indeed. Pr. Plvan was my vicarage supervisor and I always hope and pray that one day I may be 1/2 of the pastor he was.

HappyFox said...

We certainly are blessed. He served as our interim pastor for a few years while we were in-between pastors.

Our adult Sunday school class knows the story about the vicar who had the entire liturgy (as well as the hymns, if I remember right) memorized for the first service he ever conducted. I think Pr Plvan has a pretty high opinion of you, too.

Steve said...

Father W,
I think I'll take Hebrews 13:7 from our Epistle reading yesterday to heart and discipline myself to do this. It will defininetly help my class in the Psalms and the benefits may just be more than I've ever imagined.

7:33 AM

HappyFox said...


Did you mean to put this with his other post, about TDP? :)


Anonymous said...

I just had to snicker when you mentioned the grasshoppers in the sermon. Someone from behind pushed me because I thought that was funny.