31 August 2010

To quote my friend Paul Whitmore...

...habemus Presidentum!

The Synod's website has been updated.


Chris said...

Does the synod then ask: Quo nomine vocari vis?

Past Elder said...

I was wondering what that white smoke was over Der Purpurpalast.

Pr. H. R. said...

That's "Praesidentem"

I won't tell the Latin kids about your unfortunate failure to decline.


Past Elder said...

Well -- I wasn't going to say bupkis, since Lutherans are kind of funny when they attempt Latin (it's Agnes Dei where I go to church) but actually the word for president is praefectus.

And that's "prayfectus", not "pryfaectus", so you don't do around heaven with an accent for all linguistic Judas' sake.