08 March 2012

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Oh, Lord Jesus!  Thank You for Your love.  You loved me beneath the heart of Your mother.  You pressed me to Your loving heart in my Baptism.  You have Your loving heart described in all evangelical preaching.  You have Your sweet heart declared to me in Absolution.  You assure me of Your gracious heart in the Holy Supper.  I have often experienced Your faithful heart in my troubles.  I will experience Your love - Your untainted, bridegroom like love - in my death, yea, I will see it on the Last Day.  Isaac could never treat Rebekah as fondly as You will treat me.  There You will embrace me with eyes of love, extend to me the hand of Your grace, and lead me into the dwelling of Your inheritance, where You will love me each day more than the last. -- Blessed Valerius Herberger, The Great Works of God III/IV, p. 142.


Becky said...

...and to think that we are understanding only a glimpse of all that love right now.

William Weedon said...

Isn't it the truth! Amazing. "Love so amazing, so divine..."