24 March 2012


That's what the name Chancellor has!  How's this for persistence:

John Chancellor of Scotland (born about 1665) marries Margaret.  They have a son, Thomas Chancellor (1691-1761) who ends up in Westmoreland, VA, and marries Katherine.  They have a daughter Rebecca (1742-1796) and she marries Richard Wroe.  They have a daughter Lucy (b. 1763) and she marries John Weedon (who d. 1823).  Together they have a son, Thomas Wroe Weedon (1795-1875) who marries Mildred Stone.  They have a son, John Isaac (b. 28 June 1828, d. 7 May 1890) who marries Virginia Hall.  Their youngest son is my grandfather:  Chancellor Barbour (b. 1879).  No one carries the Chancellor name in the next generation, but I carry it my generation:  William Chancellor.  The next generation has no Chancellors, but then my nephew's son is Andrew Chancellor.  Even though it has not been the surname in our line since before the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, the name persists in our family.  I like that.  I also think it remarkably cool here in 2012, that MY FATHER'S GRANDFATHER WAS BORN IN 1828.  Yup:  Me (1960); Daddy (1920); Granddaddy (1879); Great Granddaddy (1828).

What's also kinda neat is that my great Uncle Isaac wrote poems about his father and mother, so I feel that I know something of my Great Granddaddy.  Here is some insight into the man - and it's pretty sweet:

My Dad, how I have missed him,
In all these sixty years.
His company and counsel
In all my hopes and fears.

I remember well one evening
When I was in distress
And thought my lost condition
I must to him confess.
Expecting when he heard me
He would give me up as lost
And think I was another
Deceiver he had crossed.

But when I heard his answer
To my very great surprise
He seemed to think my troubles
Were linked with Christian ties.
Christ, said he, came to seek and
To save that which was lost,
To heal the broken-hearted,
The weak and tempest-tossed.

Whene'er one's lost condition
Is openly confessed
It shows some revelation
Of God that is expressed.
To look alone to Christ is
To look away from self;
This is the Gospel lesson
My Father used to tell.

Daddy, dear old Daddy,
Affections, how they bind!
His sayings, how they linger
And dwell within my mind!
The hope that God has given
Most highly do I prize
That I may meet my father
Beyond the vaulted skies.


Josh Hanson said...

I've spent quite a bit of time myself in genealogical research and I've noticed the same sort of thing in my own family. My grandfather Russell Conda Boyd's middle name came from his great-great grandmother Alida Conde.

An interesting tool is Find A Grave where I was able to find the cemeteries and grave stones of some of my ancestors back into the 1800's (and since my family has never visited or kept up with graves to my knowledge, that's an exciting discovery).

Josh Hanson said...

Ok...I'm a bit dumb as I now realize that I found the Find A Grave site through your blog in the first place. Never mind.