24 March 2012

So, in going over

different things as we prepare to move (dejunking the house!), I came across some old letters I had kept.  This one is very precious to me.  It was written by my mom's aunt, Julia Lee Embrey (we always called her Aunt Gee).  It was the fall when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and given only months to live:

October 9, 1979

Dearest Bill,

Aunt Gee knows so well what you are going through now and she wants you to know her love and arms are around you always.

You have been a loving son to your Dad and Mother and I know your Heavenly Father will care for you and bring peace to your troubled heart.

Some things we can't understand but some day God will make it all plain for us.  We know whatever His will it's always for the best.

So, Honey, be brave - keep your faith, and care for your dear Mother - she needs your love so desperately right now.

Always know my love and prayers are with you and I love you -


Aunt Gee


Wasn't that such a wonderful, comforting letter?  I am dejunking, but THAT is not junk.  How I miss her!  She always had the most wonderful laugh and except for special occasions was invariably wearing an apron - though why I never knew, because always she kept them spotless.

P.S.  I keep a picture of her (from her wedding, I believe) in our living room.  And I have a table she gave my mom that holds books in the bottom; and many of our oldest ornaments on our Christmas tree come from her (through my mom).  And in an odd twist:  she and her husband first lived in the home that my father's parents later bought, which now my sister owns.

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