19 September 2012

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

In the exercise of divine worship, certain solemn, public rites should be preserved that aim at good order and decorum and were introduced by the pious consensus of the whole church. Therefore the protection of ecclesiastical rites, which were approved by serious consideration and which give useful instruction concerning many topics in public assemblies, also pertains to the ecclesiastical ministry. Nor should a minister change them, leading to scandal in the church, because of some private desire of his mind. Consequently, the sixth duty of ministers is the preservation of ecclesiastical rites.—Blessed Johann Gerhard, On the Ministry II, p. 101.


Unknown said...

I wonder how the contemporary worship crowd would respond to this scathing indictment?

William Weedon said...

I probably should have summarized the other duties he lists as belonging to the church's ministry so this one appears in its context:

1. First and foremost duty: preaching of the Word upon which salvation depends.
2. Administration of the Sacraments.
3. Diligent prayer for flock entrusted to them.
4. Lead by example in their conduct.
5. Administration of ecclesiastical discipline.
6. Protection of church rites.
7. The care of poor and visitation of the sick and encouragement of giving toward alleviating human misery.