01 December 2012

A Prayer before Coming to the Holy Sacrament

by our beloved Dr. Luther:

Lord, it is true that I am not worthy for you to come under my roof, but I need and desire your help and grace to make me godly. I now come to you, trusting only in the wonderful words I just heard, with which you invite me to your table and promise me, the unworthy one, forgiveness of all my sins through your body and blood if I eat and drink them in this sacrament. Amen. Dear Lord, I do not doubt the truth of your words. Trusting them, I eat and I drink with you. Do unto me according to your words. Amen.

AE 42:174

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Unknown said...

Sounds a lot like St. John Chrysostom's prayer (it's usually the third one in most prayer books after the two of St. Basil the Great).--Chris