05 December 2012

Walther's Hymnal

Matthew Carver is one amazing man. Not only has he given us scads of Herberger to enjoy, but now he offers us THIS:

Yes, here is the original hymnal of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, presented to you in ENGLISH! Matt has done a boatload of excellent translating. It is truly a feast. Not only do we have so many hymns we've never had in English before, but gathered into this volume are prayers for the Christian's worship life, the Synod's original Divine Service liturgy, the Passion narrative, the Destruction of Jerusalem and even more.

Some teasing tastes of the goodies therein:

Since Adam's age, so long have we
Been cursed in our iniquity,
Corrupt in body, soul, and mind,
With nothing living left to find.

When God beheld our sickness sore
That no physician could restore,
He thought upon His kindness vast
And kept His Word from first to last.

He said, "I will display My grace
And give My Son to save this race,
To them as their Doctor true,
To bless them, and to make them new."

The Spirit's pow'r on Mary came,
And took her virgin blood to frame
The pure and blessed Crown of youth,
In whom are found all grace and truth.

O Christ, Thou Fruit forever blest,
Conceived in manner wholly chaste,
Bestow Thy blessing, set us free,
Our Savior, Salve, and Comfort be.
#42:1, 5, 6, 11, 12

My faithful Savior paid the cost
In Him I find completion,
And nothing in Him shall be lost
Except my foul transgression,
For this is sunk beneath the sea,
Beyond the Father's memory,
And I have life eternal.

Almighty and everlasting God, who by Thy dear Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, didst command us to pray that Thou wouldst send faithful laborers into Thy harvest: grant, I heartily beseech Thee, unto my minister so to handle Thy holy Word that, as becometh it, he would fearlessly open his mouth to oppose every false doctrine and abuse, proclaim the mystery of Thy holy Gospel, and instruct and edify Thy Church, that I and all my brothers and sisters assembled with me in the Church, being strengthened by Thy Holy Spirit, may live in true obedience here in time, and be saved hereafter in eternity; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. (p. 365)

Almighty, everlasting God, I praise and thank Thee that of Thy divine generosity Thou hast again fed me with the saving Body and given to drink of the saving Blood of Thine only Son Jesus Christ, my Lord; and I humbly pray Thee to work in me by Thy Holy Spirit, that, having now by mouth received this Holy Sacrament, I may by firm faith receive and ever hold fast Thy divine grace, forgiveness of sins, unity with Christ, and life everlasting, all of which Thou hast so graciously offered and delivered to me in this Thy Holy Sacrament; through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, our Lord. Amen. (p. 368)

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