04 December 2012

New Lutheran Quote of the Day

How then can we be sure that the Spirit is at work in our worship? We can be certain of the Spirit’s inspiration and operation when God’s word is faithfully used as the means of the Spirit. This may be why all the classical ecumenical orders of service consist almost entirely of scriptural material. We absolve and bless with the word; we preach and meditate with the word; we baptise and perform the Eucharist with the word; we pray and praise with the word; we offer ourselves and our gifts with the word. Through the right enactment of God’s word we participate in the descending and ascending operation of the triune God in the assembly, the work by which the Spirit not only brings God the Father to us through his Son but also brings us to God the Father together with his Son. Whatever is done with the word and by faith in the word is done with the Spirit.—Dr. John Kleinig, http://www.johnkleinig.com/index.php/download_file/view/136/59/

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