05 April 2013

Random thoughts...

...Odd how HUGE Jo's presence is by its absence in her home, particularly in the living room... Not quite two weeks ago, I was shovelling (I refuse to change the spelling of that - I hate the way they changed that rule; I still stick to it: double the last letter!) a foot of snow; today I cut grass and weed-wacked...  The intense sadness is tricky: it will begin to abate and then sneak back up on you and seize you when you're least expecting it... Liverpool with just three players works, but again the absence is so loud it's shouting at you (so glad when Bekah got home to join us)... Sawyer's smile is pure healing medicine... Tonight we celebrate Bekah's birthday—poor thing had the absolute worst birthday ever, and on Palm Sunday (when we were supposed to have her celebration), she sat all alone at the kitchen counter eating her dessert. The good thing is that now we'll celebrate with Dean, Lauren and Sawyer joining us and it's in the 70's rather than snowing!... Sunshine and warmth and the smell of freshly cut grass is also cheering... A fresh cup of coffee delivered by your son-in-law is also pretty sweet.

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