07 April 2013


After a beautiful Quasimodogeniti service, we came home to snatch a few more precious minutes with Sawyer before Dean and Lauren packed up and began the long trek back to NC. Cindi then worked on breakfast (bacon, mushroom-onion-peppers, fried eggs, some leftover coffee cake, apples and pineapples), then we joined in a few rounds of liverpool. Honors went to David and Bekah, I believe. Cindi and I harnessed up Lucy and walked out to Ray and Arline's (that's how we'll always think of it) - a little over an hour's stroll in the sunshine, and saw some horses on the path and also the Daube family out for a bike ride. Leftovers tonight and then an early bedtime.  Tomorrow we all head back to work. I'm looking forward to it. Not the "vacation" we had planned at all (this week we were originally to spend in NC with Dean and Lauren, with side trips to visit my family in Virginia and Cindi's family in MD; then hearing Dean preach this a.m. and heading home), but as St. James reminds us whenever we make plans it should always be with the proviso: "as the Lord wills."

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