09 July 2013

Home again

Well, we had a really nice long trip. Cindi, Bekah, Shawn and I headed out of here on June 28 before sunrise. We drove straight through to Maryland and spent the night at Doug and Deb's. Broadhurst family reunion was on Saturday. Early Sunday we headed south to Alexandria for worship at Immanuel, and then sat forever on the beltway as we headed to Sis and Jimmy's. Got to see Tammy and John, JC and Andrew, Brayden and Nicole and Hannah, Maup and Nancy, Jessica and Curtis. Woke up on Monday with a pounding migraine and Cindi drove us down to Lauren's through lots of rain. Finally felt better by day's end. Lots of fun in North Carolina with Sawyer. Dean was away most of week at National Youth Gathering, but he came home Friday night. We dropped in on Jim and Amy, Katie and Dustin and Annalise on Saturday. Sunday was Divine Service and packing up. Monday we started home at 4 a.m. and got home at 7:20 p.m. or so. A whirlwind week, but lots of joy. Still wiped.

Some pics:



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