29 July 2013


Cindi posted this to my FB page and I think it's pretty accurate:

Myths about Introverts

It cracks me up because most folks simply don't get that about me at all. I've heard more than one person exclaim: "You? No way!" But it's very true. Read the above and let me assure that that's a very on target description.

Synodical convention was quite taxing that way; you're rarely alone. But you see, we have our little coping mechanism. We withdrawn into ourselves and the world just becomes a noisy blur, background noise, and we concentrate on something else. The huge blessing at this convention was being able to pray for the intentions that were constantly pouring in. That took lots of time and it was a blessed relief to just withdraw and lift up those concerns. For the introvert, those moments are to us what a resting stroke is to a swimmer. They enable you to go back to the power stroke, back out to the fray. They energize.

I remember my sister observing this long before I understood what was going on. When the family got together, she remarked, I'd hang out for a while and then go be by myself for a while, and then pop back in again. I could never just stay with the group the whole time.

So, yeah, weird as it sounds: where's the perfect vacation? Home! What's the perfect get together? Small, no more than three or four friends. What's the perfect day? A day when you have vast amounts of time to yourself or only with family and close friends.

Big gatherings like Convention ARE a lot of fun and I love seeing and meeting the people - but rather than being pumped by that interaction, it drains. And so off for the spot of quiet, of alone time. And then, invariably refreshed, back to the fray!


Paul McCain said...

Perfectly said.

Sue said...

Describes me perfectly!

Scotty said...

Welcome to the Jungle...:)