26 July 2013

Well, that was interesting

Convention worship was a great joy.  Working with these topnotch musicians could certainly become addictive!  Before time dulls memory, Sandy and I need to set down in print everything we learned that will be helpful next time round. Little things like insisting that Worship needs Internet access and printer access; bigger things like making sure we have sufficient numbers of backups to cover for people who cannot be present due to last minute emergencies.  High point to me was unquestionably the start, the Holy Eucharist, though commemoration of the faithful departed and service of baptismal remembrance ran close seconds.  More than one person complained to me about the way we shortened certain of the liturgies to accommodate more time for business, but despite that the services still largely stood in their integrity and that's a good thing, I think.


Richard Stephenson said...

Will the opening divine service be made available to watch on the internet somewhere?

William Weedon said...

Think that copyright prohibited it, unfortunately.

O.E. said...

Thanks for the run-down of the service for us. We were hoping to hear how it went, and can imagine how big an undertaking it must've been. Don't start thinking about it yet, but we're eager to attend the installation service!