07 August 2013

A big part of Paleo/Primal...

...is simply listening to how your own body responds to various foods. Why, oh, why do I keep trying the potatoes? A little bit of potato tonight and literally HOURS of tummy protests. Grr. I like the taste of potatoes, but I have to face up to the fact that my stomach doesn't give a rip how they taste; it doesn't want them. Grr.


Pastor Peters said...

The potato is my perfect food -- a soup to prepare the palate, a salad to introduce the meal, a side dish prepared in a hundred ways to accompany any main dish, a main dish itself, a desert, and chips to answer the hunger call anytime between the meal... honestly, sometimes I wonder why we have any other foods???


Pastor Peters said...

Sorry... keyboard error.


(priest wearing biretta)