10 August 2013


Yesterday you were picking up acorns in your bucket...tomorrow you'll be 26.

Yesterday you were getting your brother into trouble...tomorrow you'd still be getting your brother into trouble if you could (some things never change).

Yesterday you were holding your baby sister on the couch, proud as could be...tomorrow you'll hold Sawyer in Church and still be proud as could be.

Yesterday you were riding your trike and singing "Kids of the kingdom" with the unique words: "My name is Lauren. I ride my bike"...tomorrow I'll bet you won't be riding a bike, but I'll bet you'll still be singing to the Lord!

Yesterday you went off to kindergarten, to Metro, to Seward, to Norlina...tomorrow you'll still be hundreds of miles away and no I haven't gotten used to it (and neither has Mom, Bekah, David or Meaghan).

Yesterday you were marrying your soul-mate...tomorrow he'll be by your side and your mom and I are so happy that God gave you to each other and planted you in that wonderful parish.

Yesterday you were giving birth to my grandson...tomorrow my granddaughter will still be growing and stretching and getting a little cramped in her quarters, eager to show her beautiful face.

Happy birthday, Lauren Elizabeth! We love and miss you!


Scotty said...

Nicely written Pastor
Weedon... thanks for sharing...:)

David Garner said...

How did I not know we both have a Lauren Elizabeth?

Glimpse of my future. Thank you for writing this.